Starfish are amazing

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They say reach for the stars as a metaphor, but the expression can actually be achieved, provided that this might not be all about space and universe, but with sea and starfishes!

We all love starfishes, particularly if you have seen the film’Finding Nemo’ you would have fallen in love with the beautiful five legged creature that could stick onto your aquarium glass as a decoration like that in the skies. Starfishes are a really different kind of animal and although it’s a fish, it is really in the form of a star. Have you noticed the tiny little bumps that cover the starfish skin? Well, you may be flabbergasted to know it is actually its spine!

Starfishes can’t swim but all they do is climb and crawl. These starfishes generally are less than 8 inches in its complete dimension, but a number of them may be as big as a small toy car. You may find numerous kinds of starfishes with some popular varieties like the pillow star, goosefoot and burrowing starfish.

Although, you might think that starfishes generally have five arms, the fact is that you might find many of them that have as many as 20 to 40 arms. That’s crazy right? So you might think that they resemble the octopus, not just because they cannot swim and it has tiny flexible spines that allow them for these movements.

That is right; every arm has a foot at the end with sucking capacity which permits them to stick themselves on anything about it and to hunt for food. Their feet have a suction capacity that helps them to suck in their prey.

Although, starfishes might look like dedicate darlings, they’re very strong when it comes to defending themselves against their enemies. The spine on their skin may not be that tasty for other sea creatures, and even when a predator bites off an arm of the starfish, it can easily grow it back in months. Is not that creepy, but the great part about it is they can confront any sort of dangerous animal and even if the animal bites off a part of their body, they can easily grow it back. Sometimes specific species can grow back their whole body just from a leftover portion of an injured limb.

Did you know that starfish do not have eyes but have’eyespot’ at the end of each arm that’s capable of seeing the dark or light? However, it is impossible for them to recognize shapes clearly, but can feel things around it and move accordingly.

A starfish’s mouth is beneath and in the center of their body. They usually like to keep their diet with shellfishes, by locking them in their feet and this suction cup opens the casing.

Starfishes are purely sea creatures and you may find almost no fresh water starfish at all. So if you’re thinking of an aquarium with starfishes inside, think about the saltwater aquarium.

To know more about these amazing creatures there is only 1 place on earth, and that’s Sea Life aquarium. There you can have a splendid experience with your family and be accompanied by professionals who can actually allow you to touch these beautiful species, and educate yourself on how to deal with them.

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